" Antoinette's dedication to detail and her unbelievable work ethic made her a pleasure to work with. " 

Director, Martin Campbell

" Antoinette cares deeply and thinks deeply about every aspect of her work. Somehow she manages to bring a refined and fresh design sense to every scene while always staying within the impossible boundaries of schedule and budget. " Actor, Director, Writer, Executive Producer, Tony Goldwyn

" Antoinette has great taste and is extremely good with a budget. Her costumes show great style and well illustrate the characters of the story. " Producer, Don Carmody

" Another girlish garment in the exhibition is a dress — austere, impeccably sewn, creepily perfect — that was designed by Antoinette Messam for the demonically imperfect child that is the title character in Orphan. "

 David Livingston, "The Toronto Star"

" Another important design element of the film was the costumes. Costume Designer Antoinette Messam's biggest challenge was to design Esther's clothes."

" Antoinette's costumes helped define the character," attests Collet-Serra. "Esther's silhouette is what makes her Esther - her ribbons, the traditional sort of Russian dresses that she had. They were a little old style, but at the same time they were not old themselves. They couldn't look so freaky that they appeared out of place, they just needed to look a bit odd, and I think she did a fantastic job. " Director, Jaume Collet-Serra

" There are many costumers out there but they are not all created equal. Antoinette's work ethic is stellar. Her taste impeccable. And her attention to every detail makes her not only a true professional in her field, but a shining star. As a producer, it is a blessing to work with someone who doesn't have to be monitored on any level. And did I mention that in addition to the above she is a true artist. " Producer, Anne Carlucci

Antoinette is really intuitive and showed a deep understanding of the film, not only in aesthetic terms; she knew how to reflect each character's arc through costumes while taking care of the color palette of each one of our scenes.

I feel truly lucky to have worked with her, she was one of the heads of department that made things much easier for me and I would do it again!

Director Nacho Vigalondo